Experience Highlights


Designing the Simple Planner Feature


UX Designer

Agile Methodologies

Continuous Design

Lean UX

When I took upon the task of designing the Simple Planner feature for Assembla I was transitioning from a more UI Design oriented role to becoming a UX Designer. Working on this helped me develop an understanding of projects from an early stage, until launch and further improvements, I was also introduced to agile methodologies and learned to manage the design process so that we could release iteratively without compromising the value delivered to the end-users.

From AAA game studios to biomedical research, Assembla is the trusted partner for scalable and secure source code management. Spinning up code repositories on demand or utilizing our world-class project management, Assembla customers have an end to end managed version control solution.


Entrepreneurship and MVPs




Lean Startup

Market Research

Landing Pages

Being the non-technical Co-founder on this project led me to discover and understand a lot about the potential of prototypes and fast iterations. I've learned the value of developing a deep understanding of the problem I was trying to solve, all while sharing and getting feedback from prototypes to iterate almost daily.

Through this project, I also learned business concepts like market size, sales cycles, etc.

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Career Broaden

Starting as Noahboard, Career Broaden was born as a way to manage, share and discover knowledge. I've joined the team as a Co-founder for a unique opportunity to apply the sharing economy model in career service.

The project was accepted by the NSF Innovation-Corps program whose goal is to foster entrepreneurship that leads to the commercialization of technology previously backed by NSF-funded research.


Design Thinking and Innovation



Design Thinking

User Research

When we started working on our app, we identified the following: Health and fitness programmes are not designed for inactive mature women. So we thought...what might we offer to cater for this group which needs exercise?

So after a lot of research on the fields of behavioural science, positive psychology, mindfulness, physical activity and specially user research (putting ourselves on the shoes of these women) we decided to put our solution to the test. We bootstrapped a 7-day pilot programme delivered by email and SMS and ran a small campaign on Facebook to reach would be participants.

With more than 1,200 women participating in the pilot, we have been overwhelmed by the results and the feedback received with comments like "This program has made me look at life not as routine but an adventure. Each day it gave me loads to think about" or "I really enjoyed doing the challenge, made me think that a small action is still an achievement. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed by the things I should be doing and end up doing nothing. Now I will try and do a little at a time, even if it is just one percent as one percent is better than nothing and is one percent closer to the job in hand. Thank you walkers team for changing my mindset."

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An app to help people be more active, healthier and happier… one step at a time. We have designed this app to help older people to become physically active be it for the first time, help them return to their usual selves or help them introduce more physical activity in their daily routines in the form of what we’ve called: microactions.


Collaborative Design Sprints


Product Designer

Design Sprint


User Interviews

As part of the Rise Vision team I have participated and led many Design Sprints. A Design Sprint is a five-day process used to target critical problems, done through discussion, design, prototyping, and testing a solution with real customers. Thanks to this process I was able to gain valuable experience interviewing customers and testing prototypes.

Because of my Design Thinking training, I was also able to implement many improvements to the process to help my team achieve the optimal results.

Rise Vision

Digital Signage Content Management Software helping people to show dynamic messages, pictures, and videos to the right people, on the right displays, at the right times.